May the API Force be with you (Flatiron – Day 2)

Day 1 has come and gone, and now at Day 2. Building off the first day of learning more about hashes, we upped the game by learning to work with hashes after obtaining data off the web. Finally, the powers of the web combing with coding. We learned how to create a web request on an open-sourced API, in this case, the Star Wars API. Once we made the request using JSON, we parsed the information to something more readable and then worked with what was given, in this case, another hash.

We also pair-programmed to completed this project. In doing so, pairs switch from driver/navigator roles to complete the assignment. This definitely makes you pay attention since you don’t want to fall behind or look like you’re not following. Part of the challenge and fun was after being able to complete the initial assignment, you could then really customize the code. In my case, we did some monkey patching to include a class that could convert integer values to Roman numerals, which are more iconic to the Star Wars brand if I do say so myself.


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