Pass the HashketBall (Flatiron – Day 1)

First day of Flatiron School and no time’s wasted as we dive into code, lectures, ice breakers, and more code. It’s amazing how much you learn in the span of one day with 30 other passionate coders versus staying at home and trying to teach yourself code. Granted, there was a ton of pre-work to do before the first day so we were half way done with learning Ruby, but there’s more to Flatiron than programming.

We spent the day mostly getting familiar with the campus, the facilities, and the instructors who will be on this ride for the next 12 weeks. But I was ready to code. I mean I spent a majority of my time leading up to the first day practicing code, so code was the first thing I wanted to do, but alas, it took a bit of time before the class sat down and started coding.

The day was spent familiarizing ourselves with some more complicated concepts of hashes. Hashes are basically a stored collection of key/value pairs, where a unique key can point to a particular type of data. We learned how traverse hashes when it got too deep. Like literally. Nested hashes, where a key points to another hash or other types of data, were hard to access. One particular problem had us traversing a nested hash containing data for opposing basketball teams and pulling certain information based on different criteria.

The HashketBall problem was more than just an assignment, it’s a pretty good analogy to what coding represents, teamwork and collaboration. Self-studying is doable, but also difficult, But bring together 30 other students who love to code, and it makes the journey that much easier. I can’t wait to what tomorrow brings.



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