Let’s talk about STRING theory…(Not really)

String theory refers to the mathematical models which seek to find a common explanation for the four main forces seen in nature. These forces are the electromagnetic force, the strong and weak nuclear force and gravity. But this isn't a post on the String theory, but the STRING class.¬†What do these two have in common?… Continue reading Let’s talk about STRING theory…(Not really)


May the API Force be with you (Flatiron – Day 2)

Day 1 has come and gone, and now at Day 2. Building off the first day of learning more about hashes, we upped the game by learning to work with hashes after obtaining data off the web. Finally, the powers of the web combing with coding. We learned how to create a web request on… Continue reading May the API Force be with you (Flatiron – Day 2)

Pass the HashketBall (Flatiron – Day 1)

First day of Flatiron School and no time's wasted as we dive into code, lectures, ice breakers, and more code. It's amazing how much you learn in the span of one day with 30 other passionate coders versus staying at home and trying to teach yourself code. Granted, there was a ton of pre-work to… Continue reading Pass the HashketBall (Flatiron – Day 1)